‘Criminal Minds’ ‘Magnificent Light’ Recap: A Matter of Perception

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Criminal Minds season 8 continued with episode 9, “Magnificent Light.” Barry Flynn opened his show by telling the audience that they could reveal their magnificent light and share their gift in the time they had left instead of living in darkness. He singled out a couple of people, and after a one-on-one with Cynthia, he told his manager he was taking his private time. Someone followed Cynthia home and killed her.

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.”

Lincoln had been killed the night before Cynthia, both stabbed at least 30 times. The same message, in red paint, had been left at both apartments: “Hear your evil, see your evil.” The ME reported that the stab wounds had a curvature to them, indicating it could be a ceremonial knife. They found Cynthia’s ticket to Barry’s show. He could’ve been the last to see her but no one knew where he was. He left a bar with Ricky, but they found his rental car outside the bar, along with drops of blood matching his blood type and his 100-decibel personal alarm that he carried for protection. The unsub had him, and he claimed to be Barry’s biggest success story. Though Barry told him he wouldn’t escape if he uncuffed him, Carl said he had to hear him out. He had been fired and couldn’t find another job. He almost killed himself, but then he heard Barry.

The BAU profiled the unsub as suffering from erotomania. He was obsessed with Barry and a loner with poor social skills. He neglected duties to focus on his obsession. With erotomania, the most likely recipients of violence were those standing in the unsub’s way of his subject. The messages could be meant for Barry, who had to be careful. Any misstep could lead to more victims or his murder. Carl told Barry that he didn’t hear things the way most people did. Instead, he saw it, and as Carl talked, he could see his words. That was how he knew he was lying when he said he wouldn’t escape. He had a plan.

Ricky came forward and explained a guy who talked about a magnificent light paid him to bring Barry outside the bar. Carl went to his old workplace, copied files onto a USB drive, and asked why he was fired. His boss told him he had been getting complaints from customers and he had been scaring coworkers. Carl told him he felt threatened. Back in the van, he told Barry he had transcripts of calls and customers’ addresses. He had dreamed of killing evil people with a partner when he was younger, and he saw Barry as that partner. Meanwhile, Reid suggested the overkill on the victims was to make sure they didn’t come back to life, like monsters in horror movies. When Carl went to Janet’s, Barry suggested calling the police, but Carl said he did on a guy, the police did nothing, and he carjacked and murdered people. He had Barry sit on the floor as he killed Janet.

This time, he left the message, “Hear your red, see your red.” Janet had lots of calls to the same 800 number, and after Garcia cross-matched Barry’s uberfans with those with anger management issues, she found Carl, who worked at that number. Carl told Barry they were destined to fight evil together, and Barry said he didn’t realize how serious he was. He believed he had the conviction of a superhero and said he wouldn’t run. Carl knew he’d come around. Half of the team spoke to Carl’s old boss and listened to his calls while the other half checked out his apartment and found a drawing of a vigilante holding the knife. Reid realized he had synesthesia (two or more senses were triggered simultaneously). He saw words in different colors depending on the type of person he thought they were. Red meant evil. His list of victims was the customers.

Carl forced a man inside with a gun to his back, but he was just renting the house. He wasn’t the man he was looking for, but after Carl saw orange (lies) when he said he wouldn’t call the police, he hit him with the gun. He told Barry to hand him the knife, and when Barry told him to give him the gun, he saw red and wouldn’t believe anything he had to say. When they tracked him down, Morgan and Rossi explained (in white) that the man he thought was evil and the carjacker/murderer was innocent. The police caught the real killer. Morgan explained his gift wasn’t reliable and just a reflection of how he felt about others. Killing Barry would be destroying a magnificent light. Carl dropped his weapons.

“The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.”

Garcia discovered that Morgan had been invited to say a few words about an old friend, Jason, but he said he wasn’t going. He explained that Jason was his father’s old partner. He had moved to NY and was a hero in 9/11. Morgan hadn’t been able to speak at a memorial for his father, so he felt it was disrespectful to honor Jason. Garcia told him to get over it and went with him. Morgan did get up and speak—and talked about his father, who looked up to Jason.

However, while he spoke, a “waiter” took his wine glass and put it in a plastic bag. When he set it down, it was next to a photo of a man missing his leg. He had a guy strapped to a table and cut his leg off, just like in “God Complex.” He hung that photo next to one of a man with his mouth sewn up and with photos of the team.

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