‘Criminal Minds’ ‘Profiling 101′ Recap: Some Cases Stay With Them

Criminal Minds season 7 continues with episode 22, “Profiling 101.” Rossi introduces the BAU to a college class. They’re going to talk about how serial killers are made, and Garcia puts up photos of two women with different backgrounds. Both were victims of the most prolific serial killer they’ve seen. The unsub was abused and humiliated in his childhood. He kidnapped, restrained, and starved his victims before killing them by mutilating their reproductive organs. He’s taken at least 40 victims, but he may claim over 100. They’ve been discovering bodies since 1992. His entire childhood forged a psychotic killer.

“To the Living We Owe Respect but to the Dead We Owe Only the Truth.”

Looking at the victims lets them get a look into the killer’s mind. The first victim discovered was Rachel, a runaway, who was dumped, while the second, Tina, was the opposite of Rachel and buried in Seattle in 1992. There were signs of overkill on Rachel, as well as signs that she put up a fight. The overkill could mean it was personal, the unsub is psychotic, or it was his first kill. Rachel was young, so it’s likely he was too. Rossi steps out to take a call and says he has to see him that day.

The unsub was evolving, and when a student, David, asks if they caught him, Rossi tells him not to interrupt. The case went cold until two more victims were found in 1997 in San Francisco. That was when Rossi and Hotch met. Rossi flew in, and Hotch pointed out the dump sites to him. Once again, he dumped the first and buried the second, and one was a prostitute, the other not. This was before media liaisons and technical analysts, so they couldn’t control the media, and the story broke. The media dubbed him the “Womb Raider,” and he vanished again.

Rossi retired, and the next hit came in 2005 in Los Angeles. They knew it was him because of his signature. A prostitute was found with a complete hysterectomy and her vocal cords cut out. Reid wondered if they should be looking for a doctor or medical student, but Hotch didn’t think so and called Rossi. They began building their profile. They were looking for a white male in his 40s who was antisocial and held a menial job. He was mobile with his own transportation. They knew they were looking for a soccer mom next.

The focus on reproductive organs could represent self-loathing and hatred that he was born. He could’ve hated his own mother. His victims became surrogates for his rage. They stayed in LA for six weeks, but the case went cold again.

The unsub showed up again in 2009, back in Seattle. Rossi had come out of retirement, and this time, they used the press to their advantage. They announced that they had a suspect in custody to give him a false sense of security. He grabbed another victim. They headed for Seattle (and David was impressed that they have their own jet). Why does someone return home at age 40? It turned out that the latest victim was taken where he grabbed Tina.

Garcia did what she does best and discovered, after some digging, that in 1966, a 16-year-old was found raped in a parked car on the street. She ended up giving birth and died during her emergency hysterectomy. The death certificate gave them her name: Georgina Yates. Her son, Thomas, was their unsub. He was kicked out of two schools for setting fires and killed at 15. He served time and told the prison psychiatrist about his grandmother’s abuse. She was the subject of his rage. He had returned home because she had been admitted to hospice care. Garcia ran an address, and it led them to the storage container where his grandmother’s stuff was. That was where they arrested Thomas and found his latest victim still alive. Thomas said it was nice to meet Rossi after all those years.

They questioned Thomas for two weeks straight, but he never said a word. He had been rendered silent as a child for so long, it was a conditioned response. He received the death penalty, but in 2010, he called Rossi to make a deal with him and only him. He handed over a list of 40 victims they never found and said there were 101 names. He would only give more names over if they removed the death penalty from his sentence—he would still be in prison for life—and he was transferred to the East Coast. He’d give one name a year on a special day of his choosing to Rossi. His list of 40 led them to more victims, and they made the deal to bring the families of the victims some peace. Rossi contacted each family personally.

“The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil Is for Good Men to Do Nothing.”

Rossi explains that some cases become a part of you and that the job is who he is. It’s worth it for the lives they save. David asks what the special day of Thomas’s choosing was. The BAU steps outside onto the college campus and the others offer to go with Rossi. He turns them down. When he gets to the prison, Thomas explains that he hated birthdays a kid. That’s why he likes celebrating Rossi’s. Thomas gives the next name and location. He sings “Happy Birthday to You” to Rossi as he leaves.

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