‘Criminal Minds’ Season 7 Episode 22 ‘Profiling 101′ Preview: A Haunting First Case

Criminal Minds continues next week with episode 22, “Profiling 101.” It’s the last episode before the big two-hour finale, and it’s going to show not only the BAU in a college setting, but also how two of the team members met.

CM Season 7 Episode 22 “Profiling 101″ Promo

Rossi and the team present one of the longest-tenured serial killer cases to college students, and they take the class through a nearly 20-year chase for the murderer.”

While the entire BAU team is experienced and can do their jobs, some of them have been at this for longer than the others, and that means there are more cases that could haunt them. That’s what’s coming up in this episode.

In the Criminal Minds season 7 episode 22 promo for “Profiling 101″ (below), the BAU is in a college classroom to talk about serial killers. Morgan says, “There are more serial killers out there than you may think,” and Rossi explains, “Some, like this one, become a part of you.” This episode is going to feature flashbacks that show Hotch and Rossi first met. As the voiceover explains, this is “the first case that still haunts them today.” Rossi pays the unsub a visit in prison. He wants to make a deal and gives him a list of some of the girls he took. These are the ones they didn’t find.

This should be an episode with quite an interesting format with the BAU talking in a college classroom. There’s also the fact that it’s going to show how Hotch and Rossi met. That’s something to look forward to and something that you couldn’t help but wonder about ever since Rossi came back to the BAU. The final two episodes are one big case—a hostage situation in a bank, with one of the team ending up a hostage, a wedding, and Prentiss’ exit—and this is the episode that will determine if the show goes into the finale on a strong or a weak note. “Profiling 101″ does sound like it could be a good case and episode. Will it, or will the episode get a failing mark?

What do you think of the Criminal Minds season 7 episode 22 preview of “Profiling 101″?

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