‘Criminal Minds’ Season 7 Finale ‘Run’ Recap: Goodbyes and New Beginnings

Criminal Minds season 7 ends with episode 24, “Run.” After the explosion, JJ and Morgan head into the building. Rossi tells Strauss they had an exit strategy in place. Homeland Security joins them at the scene. Prentiss is fine; she found two people who were hiding. JJ and Morgan head down into the tunnels looking for Will. Chris gets into an SUV and drives off, sirens blaring.

A Family Threatened

Rossi handles the media while Hotch and Strauss talk to other agents. Kevin joins Garcia at the computers while Reid looks over the map with Hotch. JJ finds Will’s wallet and is worried about why they took him. Izzy watches the recording, and Chris asks about her partner. She tells him she’s his only way out of this and they need Will for leverage.

Garcia finds the SUV on cameras, but they can’t see if Will’s there. They notice it has government plates. Izzy has hit international banks, so why DC now? Prentiss calls Clyde, who reminds her of a sedan stolen from Scotland Yard in 2004. They had thought the woman responsible was trained. He comments that he’d have answers faster with help—if Prentiss took the offer. The phone used on the bomb was 10 years old, and it was last seen in Chad. Is she still working for the same guy as before? They get off on this. They’re not done. Izzy orders an EMT to fix Will.

The BAU wonders why they haven’t left the city. Is the next attack there? Izzy’s phone rings, and she tells Chris there’s a change in location. He pulls over, demanding answers, and Izzy shoots him, then has Will pull him out and leave him. She has him drive. Going over the bank security feed, they focus in on Matthew. He was dishonorably discharged, and he’s Izzy’s partner. He gets into the backseat of the SUV.

Prentiss realizes they get off on the adrenaline of getting out of very risky situations. Izzy makes Will tell the woman watching Henry to go home, and he tells Henry that Izzy’s staying with him until JJ comes home. JJ realizes that Will may have told Matthew about his family, and she discovers that his license is missing. They know where they live. When Will gets back in the car, Matthew’s wearing a badge. He tells him he has to do everything he says or Izzie kills Henry.

Rossi tells JJ not to blame herself, but she says she shouldn’t have left Henry. Rossi tells her she couldn’t have known what would happen. She and Will made a deal that Henry would never be alone without either of them. She broke it. Matthew blames his combat experience and what happens after, but Will doesn’t buy it. Matthew has Will get them past a lockdown.

Izzy tells Henry her grandfather’s name was Henry and was a scary man. Reid, Morgan, and Prentiss walk through the bank. What’s so special about the dates? Prentiss realizes it’s their story. They were both destructive and met during the civil arrest in Chad in 2008. They are a couple and will celebrate their connection. On this date in Chad, there were multiple explosions, and the worst was a train. That’s why Matthew needed Will—to get in to Union Station.

Hotch, Morgan, and Prentiss enter the train station, and while Morgan takes after Matthew when he sees him, Prentiss finds Will upstairs and with bombs strapped to him. The bomb squad is too far away. When Izzy investigates a noise, she turns back only to find Henry gone. JJ confronts her, but Izzy takes the momentary distraction of Henry calling for JJ to make a break for it. They fight, and though Izzy gets her gun, JJ easily disarms her. She takes Izzy down just before Rossi walks in. He takes care of her while JJ hugs Henry.

Prentiss refuses to leave Will and tries to disarm the bomb. Her first two tries—2008 and Chad—don’t work, but “Izzy” seems to—until one of the devices strapped to Will opens and begins counting down from 30 seconds.

Morgan catches Matthew, who gets the upper hand until Hotch shoots him. Prentiss realizes the wires are the colors of the Chad flag. The only one different than the US’ is yellow. She clips it just in time. JJ hugs Will as soon as she joins him in the hospital room. He tells her it’s all going to be fine, and she tells him to ask her again. He proposes, and she says yes. “It’s about damn time,” he replies. She wants to do it as soon as possible.

Strauss pulls Morgan aside and thanks him for confronting her about her drinking. It changed her life. Rossi calls Hotch to check if everyone’s free for the next night. They are. Morgan talks to Prentiss about the fact that she wants to leave. She’s been thinking about it since she got back. She loves them, but she can’t pretend nothing happened. She’s thinking about Clyde’s offer. Morgan walks off with Beth and Jack to give Hotch and Prentiss a chance to talk, but she’s not going to tell him yet.

Rossi surprises JJ with her mother at the party he threw. It’s really their wedding. JJ’s mother has her dress. Henry’s the ring-bearer, and in a sweet scene, JJ and Will are married. Prentiss walks around everyone on the dance floor before Reid pulls her in for a dance. Garcia does dance with Kevin. Prentiss ends up dancing with everyone on the team, and the episode ends with Prentiss’ voiceover:

“I’ve Always Heard Every Ending Is Also a Beginning. We Just Don’t Know It at the Time. I’d Like to Believe That’s True.”

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