‘Criminal Minds’ Season 7 Finale Sneak Peek: Media Nicknames and Crisis Negotiation

Criminal Minds season 7 comes to an end this week with episodes 23, “Hit,” and 24, “Run.” The BAU has bank-robbing serial killers to deal with, and they’ll be joined on the case by Will (Josh Stewart). Why did it take so long for the BAU to get on the case?

CM Season 7 Finale “Hit” Sneak Peek

The extended promo out (below the clip) already shows that Morgan’s going to have to physically hold JJ back as Will walks towards the bank, and promotional photos out show Will with the bank robbers. Adding in the fact that there’s an explosion coming up, things aren’t looking good. However, there is a wedding coming up at the end, so there doesn’t seem to be any real reason to worry.

The Criminal Minds season 7 episode 23 sneak peek from the first part of the finale, “Hit” (below), has been released, and it shows JJ joining the rest of the team and hugging Will. He’s fine, and he saw enough of the robbers to know “it’s definitely them.” These robbers have been dubbed “The Face Cards” by the media, and in “seven bank robberies in seven months, they’ve killed one person at each robbery.” Why haven’t they heard about them before? It turns out they’ve been characterized as “robbers first, killers second.” That was wrong, and they’ve only been called in because crisis negotiation is overseas.

These unsubs are “organized” and “efficient.” They also know their way around computers because they’ve hacked the security feed and turned off the cameras both while they’re scouting out the banks and during the robbery. The camera goes back on when their masks are on. These aren’t going to be easy unsubs to take down, especially since it seems like they have someone on the outside watching and there’s that explosion to take into account. How will they figure out who’s responsible outside the bank? What will happen when Will goes in?

What do you think of the Criminal Minds season 7 finale sneak peek from episode 23, “Hit”?

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