‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: A New Profiler and Getting Scary?

Criminal Minds season 7 ended with Prentiss leaving the BAU, and Paget Brewster got quite the sendoff. Both the character and the actress were ready to move on, and it’s always possible she could return in a guest spot since they didn’t kill her off. But what’s coming up for the BAU post-Prentiss?

Season 8 Spoilers

TV Guide talked to Erica Messer about the end of season 7 and what could be coming up in the fall. The finale ended with JJ and Will’s wedding, and the team dancing after. Everyone got their turn with Prentiss, and Messer described it as something “for fans who have watched for the entire time and for Paget, who is leaving us after almost six seasons,” adding, “our team never has a chance to smile.” That’s certainly true, and it was nice to see the season end on a happy note, especially after the tense case they just dealt with and just their jobs in general. While it was, as expected, bittersweet, it was also the perfect ending for Prentiss (for now).

But will Criminal Minds season 8 see a new profiler to replace Prentiss on the team? Considering how that worked out when they needed a new BAU profiler in season 6, it’s hard not to hope not. According to Messer, “My initial vote was that I don’t want to replace her. I feel like the team could function without anyone else, but I’m getting a lot of other opinions that weigh in. [The network is] interested in another female character, so I’m going to start meeting people and then thinking of the character for who we cast. Of course, whoever that is and having them fit into the team is the next challenge.”

Hopefully this goes over better with fans than Ashley Seaver did. While bringing in a new profiler may be what the team needs at some point, for now, they should be fine. After all, JJ’s now a profiler, and she proved this season that this was the right path for her character. While they’ll obviously miss Prentiss on the team—both as Prentiss and as a profiler—the team should be just fine without her. Perhaps they’re better off holding off for a few episodes before introducing someone new if they do end up going that way.

What else could be coming up in season 8? According to Messer, “revealing the unsub at the beginning of the episode” could end up changing: “That gets challenging with the story line because there’s only so many times you can have the shadow in the dark be scary.” That is something that would be nice to see them get rid of at least every so often. It could bring some scariness into the show, as could Messer’s other idea: “If this is the season to make a splash, I think it would be fun to bring people on to our show who love the horror-ness of it, like Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth, who are vocal about liking Criminal Minds. It’s like then come over and write and play and see what they could do at 9 p.m. on CBS. I think it would be a fun challenge for them.” While some episodes have certainly had more of a terrifying element to it than others, bringing in people like Tarantino and Roth could up the ante.

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