‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: Alex’s Past with Strauss, Prentiss Not Forgotten, a Return

Criminal Minds is back for its eighth season this fall, and when it returns, Jeanne Tripplehorn’s character Alex Blake will have taken the spot left by Prentiss’ departure. It’s been revealed that she already knows Reid, but who else does she have a past with?

CM Season 8 Spoilers

According to Entertainment Weekly, Alex has a “rocky history with Strauss stemming from a case back in the day in which Strauss let [her] take the blame when things went south.” Erica Messer teased, “It’s so heavy. And she can talk to Strauss like no one else.” Alex may be a new character to the show and new to the team, but she can obviously handle herself and do this job. How the past impacts her present with Strauss should be interesting to see play out, especially since the others are likely to take notice at some point. She is going to be the new team member, and even though she’s qualified, the others are going to take notice of her behavior. Will this past with Strauss somehow come back to be of service during an investigation? Could Alex call upon it to get Strauss to agree to something?

Also coming up in the Criminal Minds season 8 premiere is going to be “a nod to Prentiss…when Garcia and Morgan return from visiting her.” Prentiss may be gone, but she’s not dead, which means that they can drop updates here and there as to what she’s up to should the opportunity ever arise for them to bring her back for an episode. They said goodbye in the perfect way last season and left it open for the future. While Prentiss will be missed, it is easier this time around since it was Paget Brewster’s decision and they didn’t kill her off.

Finally, there’s the tease that “someone from Hotch’s past will likely be returning for an ep” and “we’ve seen them before.” Is this a good thing or a bad thing? It’s hard not to be wary considering these characters’ lives and the past, so now it’s just a matter of wait and see to see if this is something to be worried about.

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