‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: Introducing Alex Blake, Theme and Origins?

Criminal Minds season 8 is going to be introducing a new profiler to the team in Jeanne Tripplehorn’s Alex Blake. She’s a linguistics specialist and she’ll be filling the spot left open by Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss’ exit.

CM Season 8 Spoilers

Executive producer Erica Messer talked to TV Guide about the new character, who does have an academic past with Reid and had to go through an interview process to get the spot on the team. So Reid knows her, but as Messer explains, it’s not just going to be an easy transition for everyone: “When we meet Alex Blake, it is also Morgan and Garcia’s first time meeting her because they have actually been away on temporary duty in London. When they return, the rest of the team has already been on a case with her, but it’s Morgan and Garcia’s first time meeting her and working with her. It allows Garcia to ask all those questions that the audience would want to know.”

The last time the BAU got a new team member, it didn’t go so well (let’s just leave it at that), but hopefully that won’t happen this time. With Alex having that “nice professional history” with Reid, it should go much better. So will Garcia have reason to have these questions, or is it just going to be the fact that she’s new? It seems likely the latter, and so far, it does sound like Alex Blake should be a positive addition to the BAU team and Jeanne Tripplehorn a good choice for a new cast member.

Messer took care of the possibility of a romance between Alex and another team member by putting it out there that she’s “in a relationship,” and “eventually, we will see that person.” However, it does sound like that will take some time, and that’s for the best. The show is about these profilers catching serial killers, and you wouldn’t want to change the formula that worked so well.

Messer also previewed that Criminal Minds season 8 is about “history and history repeating,” and it even begins “with an unsub who…had disappeared for a while and he’s back killing.” What led to him taking that break from killing? Did something happen in his life, or was he close to getting caught and he stopped to stay out of prison? While that does sound like an intriguing theme, it’s hard not to be excited about the fact that Messer did tease that there’s the likelihood that they’re going to show “everybody’s origin and how they got together.” That has been touched upon just a bit over the years, but it would certainly be something that would be very entertaining to see explored in great detail. How did the BAU team become the team you saw in the pilot and most of what you see today?

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