‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: JJ in Trouble?

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Criminal Minds brought back JJ after she was forced to leave the BAU and take a new job, and when she returned, she came back as a profiler. Last season, she faced off with an unsub a couple of times, including in the finale in a situation that was very personal. Will she be fighting again?

CM Season 8 Spoilers

Yes, JJ has always been a very nurturing character, even before she became a mother, but as she showed last season, she’s also one tough woman. According to TV Guide, AJ Cook has teased that that could very well happen again in season 8: “She’s going to get into an interesting situation this year. It’s gonna be a little worrisome. It’s perhaps with an unsub. Perhaps she’s the next one to be held captive.” After what her family went through in the season 7 finale, nothing can be worse than that, right?

It sounds like Criminal Minds season 8 may come up with something that is. If JJ does end up held captive, could that also be an episode that brings back Josh Stewart as JJ’s husband and AJ Cook’s own son as her character’s son as the team works to save her? After everything that has happened, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to be concerned that this could end up being a situation where her life is seriously in danger, but it does sound like the perfect way for her to demonstrate once again that she can take care of herself in a dangerous situation.

What do you think of the latest Criminal Minds season 8 spoilers?

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