‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: More on Hotch and Beth’s Future

Criminal Minds season 7 introduced a new woman in Hotch’s life in Bellamy Young’s Beth. However, it has been revealed that her episodes are numbered, but does that mean the end for their relationship?

CM Season 8 Spoilers

While it did seem like that’s where things are headed, TV Guide has some scoop that reveals just the opposite. There is some good news that is out for fans who did like seeing Hotch and Beth together last season. It’s not the end just because she’s not going to be around for many episodes. Executive producer Erica Messer has said that Bellamy Young “will be back to answer why she won’t be around for a little while. We have her for three episodes, so we want to use her and explain what’s going on between them. [But] they’re not breaking up.”

With what they see every day with their jobs, these characters deserve some happiness in their lives. Hotch got that last season with his new relationship with Beth, who even got along with Jack, which is important for anyone looking to romance Hotch, and it’s not going to be over for him in Criminal Minds season 8. It sounds like it’s just going to be off-screen for the majority of the season. That certainly fits with how the show has handled romances before, but it is good that they’re going to bring her back to explain why that’s the case with this one.

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