‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: Thomas Gibson Directing, Hotch’s Brother Returning?

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Criminal Minds has introduced some family members of the team over the years in minor parts of an episode, and someone who showed up in one episode for a brief part in season 1 will be back.

CM Season 8 Spoilers

According to Entertainment Weekly, Thomas Gibson is going to be directing his first CM episode this season (he’s directed before, on Dharma & Greg in 2001). Gibson has said he “really [looks] forward to flexing [his] artistic muscles on the set and [he’s] so grateful for this amazing opportunity.” Gibson isn’t the only cast member who will have taken this step behind the camera; Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Dr. Reid, has already been the director on three episodes.

This Criminal Minds season 8 episode should be a good one, since it is scheduled to feature the return of Sean, Hotch’s brother, played by Eric Johnson, who recently returned to Rookie Blue for the rest of its third season. Executive producer Erica Messer has said, “It’s about time we go there again.” Sean hasn’t been seen since the season 1 episode, “The Tribe,” in which he revealed that he wasn’t going to go to Georgetown Law and instead was heading to work in New York under “the right” chef (clip below).

What’s he up to now? What will bring Sean back in season 8? Will he just be in town to see his brother? Hopefully it doesn’t end up involving one of the BAU’s cases, but anything is possible. With Bellamy Young only back to explain why Beth won’t be around—she and Hotch aren’t breaking up—it doesn’t seem likely Sean will get to meet his brother’s new girlfriend. Will they show Sean spending time with Jack though, or will they just show him visiting Hotch at work?

What do you think of the latest Criminal Minds season 8 spoilers?

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