‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: What Will Happen with Hotch and Beth?

Criminal Minds season 7 introduced a new love interest for Hotch in Beth, and it ended with them still together. However, that may not last very long.

CM Season 8 Spoilers

Bellamy Young is going to be a series regular on Scandal, and TVLine has reported that she will make “at least two more appearances” as Beth, and Young has said, “I just got the [season premiere] script and the storyline is lovely and warm and positive… I can’t want to see where it goes!” Young called her arc on the CBS procedural drama “amazing” since there are fans out there who wanted to see Hotch and Emily Prentiss get together. However, it was good to see Hotch with Beth, and they were sweet together, even though it does seem like there may be an end date to their relationship. Beth even got along with Jack. Beth was the reason why you actually got to see some smiles from a character for whom that is very rare.

Unfortunately, Criminal Minds season 8 will be saying goodbye to Beth, but this way, they are going to be this storyline “some closure,” which is exactly what it deserves. Even if you didn’t like them together, Hotch was happy with her, and because of that, this is something that should be done onscreen instead of just talked about later on. It is always possible that they leave it open for a possible return later on—they’re not killing her off, after all—but for now, the days of seeing Hotch and Beth together seem to be numbered.

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