‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: What’s Coming up for Rossi and Strauss?

Criminal Minds season 7 ended with Will and JJ getting married and Prentiss saying goodbye, but the two-hour finale, “Hit” and “Run,” also showed something more about Rossi’s personal life. Will that come back into play in season 8?

CM Season 8 Spoilers

Reid and Garcia bumped into Rossi when they left a sci-fi convention after running into Kevin, and then they saw Strauss leaving the hotel. That was that, but what does it mean for next season? Executive producer Erica Messer told TV Guide, “Like any office romance… everything changes after that secret’s out. So we [might just] play it in the background. She’s not going to be Wife No. 4 or anything.”

That’s probably the best way they can handle it in Criminal Minds season 8. It’s not something they can just shove aside and forget about, but since Strauss isn’t around for every episode, it’s not something that needs to be addressed right away. After all, they’re going to also be busy figuring out if they’re bringing in a new profiler or not. The team may just be functioning without another new member, which means that each other’s personal lives may be the last thing on their minds. However, with Garcia on the case, she could try to weasel some answers out of Rossi. Plus, with Strauss perhaps around in the beginning of the season if they so choose to have the team without a new profiler when it begins, they could always just use that time to briefly address it then let it fade off and keep the episodes focused on the cases.

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