‘Criminal Minds’ Season 8 Spoilers: Will They Replace Prentiss?

Criminal Minds season 7 came to an end Wednesday night with episodes 23, “Hit,” and 24, “Run,” which saw Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) quietly throughout the two hours make the decision to leave. Fans knew this was coming since Brewster had announced her plans to leave the show, and it was certainly a much better way to go than the alternative (and what happened in season 6).

CM Season 8 Spoilers

The BAU is now down one profiler, but that doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily be bringing in someone to replace Prentiss right away. Erica Messer talked to TVLine about just that: “Changing out characters can be a really difficult thing to do. We have a good history of it working as well [with the additions of Paget Brewster herself and Joe Mantegna]. The most recent history is that it didn’t, and that’s what everybody’s thinking about.” She’s talking about what happened in season 6 with Ashley Seaver (Rachel Nichols), and it seems they’ve learned from their mistakes. Messer called her “so young,” so now if they do decide to bring in a new female agent, “it will be someone who is worthy of being on the BAU.” Those are big shoes to fill for whoever ends up joining the BAU if a new person does.

Part of the why the show is so good is that the team is like a family, something which was seen in the Criminal Minds season 7 finale. The team dynamic is a big part of why the show is as successful as it is and why it’s going into its eighth season. Fans didn’t react well in season 6 when they brought in Nichols as Seaver, but they were already angry about the events that led to that. Since things are now different, will a new actress—and agent—be better received on the show—and in the BAU—by the fans?

Do you want to see a new BAU profiler in Criminal Minds season 8? What would you want to see in this new character?

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