Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Baby Momma” Wants Son Back after £10-M Deal

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Cristiano Ronaldo is now dealing with his “baby momma” months after he thought he had bought her silence for £10-M. Ronaldo currently has custody of his son who is being raised by his mother and sisters.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid 2.jpgAccording to Hispanically Speaking News, the Real Madrid soccer star entered into a contract with the woman, which forbids her from having any contact whatsoever with the baby. She was paid to stay silent on the matter altogether, but the reports are now saying that this woman wants to be a part of her baby’s life. Sources have even said she calls Ronaldo late at night and cries on the phone to him, pleading to see the child.

“She feels like she has sold her soul. She has this millionaire lifestyle but can never tell her friends and family the truth about what has happened and that makes her feel incredibly lonely.”

The child’s “baby momma,” defined as the mother of a man’s child when the parents are not married, is in her early 20’s and was said to be a British college student.  Apparently, Ronaldo had a one night stand with her, resulting in the pregnancy. She informed Ronaldo’s agent of the pregnancy and DNA tests followed to ultimately confirm Cristiano was the father.

The soccer star worked with his agents to arrange to buy this young woman’s silence and exclude her from being part of his or the child’s life. However, since the deal she signed, the woman has reportedly fallen into a deep depression and even dropped out of school over the matter.  

Is this fair to the 20-year-old mother of the child? It’s true, it was ultimately her choice to sign the £10-M deal to give up her “bundle of joy.”

If nothing else, this all goes to show the dangers of risking pregnancy at such a young age.  Even more so, it shows the power that high-paid athletes have. With the money they make, they can buy just about anything or anyone.

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