Crocodile cell Phone Holder – Gena the Croc Still has It Inside Her!

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It seems that a crocodile has become a cell phone holder! Reports have surfaced that a croc swallowed a cell phone and now, its constant ringing inside the stomach of the reptile is causing a ruckus!

File:Crocodylus acutus mexico 01.jpgApparently, staff at a Ukrainian aquarium didn’t believe a woman’s compliant when she told them a crocodile had eaten her phone. However, soon after she reported the incident to officials, the phone started ringing inside the crocodile. The aquarium is in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk.

The 14-year-old reptile, named Gena, snatched up the phone after Rimma Golovko dropped it in the water. Sources say Gena had suffered other ailments for at least four weeks before swallowing Golovko’s phone.

Unfortunately, the cell phone snack didn’t help her situation. Gena wasn’t eating and seemed low in spirits when she swallowed the phone.

Sadly, Gena continues to avoid eating and seems depressed, according to sources. Chief veterinarian Oleksandr Shushlenko said surgery to remove the cell phone would be the last resort. Let’s hope Gena can expel that from her system sometime soon.

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