Crossdressing Muggers Attack Chicagoans in Broad Daylight

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Many would-be robbers wear masks or work under the cover of darkness. Not these two crossdressing muggers. Instead, two men (dressed as women) took to attacking people in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago in broad daylight. Two roommates, Brandon Arnold and Michael Burns, have been charged with robbery and armed robbery after several incidents.

Their weapon of choice? Pepper spray. In one case, the duo were able to steal an iPhone and camera from a 16-year-old girl walking by the Lincoln Park Zoo by threatening to mace her, according to reports in the Chicago Tribune.

In the other instance, they attacked a young man, demanding his wallet, but he was able to elude the muggers. They then proceeded to attempt to use the pepper spray on him, but it apparently got stuck and failed. He escaped unharmed. Both of these incidents happened in the early afternoon, just minutes apart.

Thankfully, the muggers were caught after the teenaged girl followed the men who had stolen her items and was able to find a police car shortly afterwards. If the girl had not taken this extraordinary step, perhaps these crossdressing muggers would still be in business.

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