Crowd Riots in Colorado After Concert By … Earth, Wind & Fire? (Video)

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Throwing people through windows and burning down vendors’ tents may sound like something that would occur at an MDC reunion show, but it actually took place after a concert by noted non-agitators Earth, Wind & Fire in Fort Collins, CO over the weekend.

“Part of the sizzle of being downtown is the unexpected. That’s what makes it exciting,” quoth Santa Fe Craftsman store owner Bob Criswell to The Coloradoan. Two people were thrown through the store’s window, with Criswell estimating damages at $3,000. Pretty exciting indeed!

All told, 13 people were treated for injuries after the EWF show, part of the “Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest” in Old Town Fort Collins. A total estimate for damages was not immediately available.

The Downtown Business Association issued a statement calling the unrest, which involved about 400 people and eventually led to police using tear gas on the crowd,  “not a true representation of the safe and enjoyable environment that the community has come to know.”

Maybe not, but try selling that line to the town’s Fine and Funky store, and charity Mariah’s Kids, whose fundraising booth was burned down, resulting in the destruction of what one volunteer called “thousands and thousands of dollars of purses, scarves and accessories.” Fine and Funky partnered with Mariah’s Kids to raise money for a program pairing at-risk teens with horses that need a second chance.

An official reason for the riot has yet to be announced, though it appears to simply be the result of thousands of inebriated and/or bored folks wandering about after the concert, looking for something to do. Three separate “disturbances” broke out at about 1 a.m. on Sunday, according to police.

Makes that Donald Fagen/Michael McDonald/Boz Scaggs tour a bit more worrisome, eh?


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