‘Cruel Summer’ Download Leak: Will New Kanye West Album Surface Ahead of Release Date?

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Could a “Cruel Summer” download leak be coming soon? The new Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music compilation album is set for a release date of next Tuesday, but according to a recent report, some physical copies of the new album have been spotted out and about.

Product DetailsJust yesterday, Complex.com posted a photo of a pile of copies of the new compact discs complete with price tags and parental advisory stickers on the front. The cover art is of a pure white, almost angelic female on the front holding her breasts, with what appears to be leaves around her. Apparently the image came from a Twitter and Instagram account owned by Elliot Wilson.

The current release date for the album continues to be September 18th, after it was pushed back. Previously it was thought it might release in early August, then was pushed back to this month. With physical copies surfacing, it appears the album will be available next week. There’s yet to be any sort of pre-order offered on iTunes as of this report, but Amazon offers a pre-order of the physical CD or vinyl copies of the new album.

With that in mind, many expect that this album, “Cruel Summer,” could be one of the best of the summer. It may also find itself leaked onto the internet, especially if there are physical copies of the CD floating around somewhere. This particular project is being boasted by Kanye West, but certainly doesn’t have the top-notch security lockdown that his “Watch the Throne” project with Jay-Z had.

Speaking of Jay-Z, he’s featured on the new song “Clique,” which is currently a #1 selling track on iTunes. It also features Big Sean of G.O.O.D. Music label, and Kanye West. The song will join 11 others on the new album including previous releases, “Mercy,” “Cold,” and “New God Flow.” If the album leaks this week or weekend, expect to hear fan’s hating or supporting the new music online.

Will you be buying a copy of the new G.O.O.D. Music “Cruel Summer” album next week?

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