Crystal Bowersox Gets Rushed to the Hospital, Leaving the American Idol Guys to Perform (Video)

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Last night, Seacrest opened the show by announcing a major curve ball – due to a health scare experienced by Crystal Bowersox, the guys would be performing as opposed to the girls.  The cause of the illness was left to speculation, but an article I read online today mentioned it was due to a complication of her diabetes.  I’ve got to say, the guys stepped up to the plate and were head and shoulders above the previous week.  Perhaps they need a curve ball thrown at them each week.  In cougar news, I couldn’t help but notice what a darling crop they are this year, with a few of those youngins looking like they walked out of a Disney movie (I’m talking to you Tim Urban and Alex Lambert.).

I can’t really muster a recap today – to be honest, writing them bores the bajeezuz out of me.  So I’ll share my three faves from the evening.  First and foremost, the “most improved award” by far goes to the cutie patootie Alex Lambert.  In the words of Paula Abdul, I’d like to hang him from my rear view mirror.  Those dimples!  As the judges noted, his tone was amazing, and he really got a handle on his nerves last night with his rendition of John Legend’s “Everybody Knows”.  If he keeps this up, he could be the dark horse of the competition.

I also lo-oo-oo-ooved Lee DeWyze‘s “Lips Of An Angel” by Hinder.  I barely remember a thing about this guy from Hollywood Week and, all of a sudden, he’s probably my favorite.  I love his raspy voice and his understated stage presence, although the judges want him to show us a bit more confidence in this arena.  I also love his backstory – as he told us last night, he’s a nice guy that made some bad decisions, and he learned a lot by going to an alternative school that really turned things around for him.  Now that is someone you can really get behind.  And, as long as I’m on a creepy cougar kick, Mama also likey this guy, too.  He is handsome in a Chicago dude kind of way.

My third fave of the night was Michael Lynche, who sometimes shows a bit too much confidence in my opinion.  Perhaps I’m the only one who feels that way, as the general public seems to embrace him…and that’s a lot of embracing.  But I guess I sort of felt like Kara DioGuardi (which doesn’t happen very often) in that I hadn’t really seen the appeal until last night, when he pulled out James Brown’s “This Is A Man’s World”.  He said he set out to prove to Simon that he’s not the warm-up act but the main event, and in my eyes, he did just that.  Plus, that scene in which he was bench-pressing Aaron Kelly couldn’t help but make you laugh, no matter how choreographed it was.

For good measure, I thought the most overrated performance of the night was Aaron Kelly‘s “My Girl”.  While the judges weren’t bowled over it, many of them said they liked it, and I thought it was terrible.  I’m not usually one to agree with the judges that young people shouldn’t sing older songs but I’d actually love to see that song retired from the show all together…pretty please.

It’s too bad this video doesn’t allow you to actually see the performance last night by Alex Lambert, but at least you can hear what an awesome job he did.  For the first time in a long time, I think I might actually download that.

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