Culture Costumes Are Offensive, Apparently

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Culture costumes are apparently offensive to some, but then again, some people are just far too sensitive. A group of students have launched a campaign against costumes that are offensive to them. It’s a small group, though, and it doesn’t really look like many are taking them seriously.

“We are a Culture, Not a Costume,” is the campaign launched by a group of Ohio University students who apparently got lots of hugs, candy and cuddly puppies as children. You see, they’re on this crusade against lovable, timeless costumes as the Geisha girl costume (in any of its non-sexy or sexy variances) and other “culturally themed” costumes. However, this campaign has made an “offensive” mistake in their little war on Halloween fun.

You see, one of their campaign posters shows a Mexican-American man, holding up a picture of a costume of a Colombian “Juan Valdez” type guy. Why is a Mexican-American offended by a costume of a Colombian fictional character used to sell Colombian coffee? Isn’t that a little racist?

It seems that there are far more intensive things to be offended by in these modern times, and it also just seems like these college students can’t be serious. Are they trolling the world for some Halloween prank? You know, it doesn’t seem like anyone is taking them seriously because this is just such a trivial and, well, stupid thing to campaign against. Halloween is only once a year, guys. Try attacking something more widely relevant.

Adult Dutch Milkmaid CostumeFurthermore, their spokesperson on a CNN news program this morning was the sparkling image of that white, blonde American girl-next-door. What the hell kind of costume is offending her? The Swiss Miss!?(see picture )


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