‘Cupcake Wars': ‘Cupcakes for the Queen’ Recap

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Tonight’s Cupcake Wars contestants were all originally from Great Britain. Two of the contestants currently live in the United Kingdom. This included a mom/daughter team with a storefront bakery, and a passionate baker with a shop in England. Additionally, there were two contestants currently residing in the United States. First, there was a British bakery owner who’d relocated to Washington state to be with her husband. And finally, an English baker who has lived in the states for over 30 years. She owns an English themed cupcake bakery in Colorado and was confident her experience would win her the competition.

Round 1

Round 1 challenged the bakers to create cupcakes inspired by the traditional English afternoon tea. Ingredients to be used in the cupcakes would come from the inspiration table. These items were English favorites such as orange marmalade, water cress, trout, strawberries, lemon and Stilton cheese.

When facing the judges, the Colorado bakery owner would present a Stilton cheese cupcake with cucumber and dill. The judges were very impressed and felt the cupcake emulated an afternoon tea sandwich. The baker from England made a high tea treat with lots of butter, lemon and orange marmalade. Florian was so impressed, he told the baker he wanted the recipe. Next was the baker from Washington state. She’d made a tea flavored cupcake which was said to be delicious. Lastly, the United Kingdom baker presented a lemon, orange marmalade, cucumber and strawberry cupcake with a butter cream frosting. She impressed but was told the cupcake had a little too much frosting on top. Because the judges were pleased with everyone’s cakes, this minor mistake sent this baker home.

Round 2

In the next challenge, the cupcake warriors would be judged on both taste and presentation. Working so hard, the Colorado baker discovered she’d forgotten to put eggs in her batter. Consequently, she had to start again. Also, with just minutes remaining, the Washington state baker had no decorations done. When facing the judges, some of her cakes were decorated while others were not.

There were however some really creative ideas presented this round. One of the bakers created angel wings out of pastry, and another a lemon scone cupcake topped with berries. Some decorations used were a jubilee coin, white chocolate diamond, red sparkly crown and a chocolate crown. Although most cakes impressed, there were a few failures this round. This included the scone cupcake as well as a chocolate butter cream cake that was said to be too dry. Because the judges did not like her chocolate butter cream cake, and some of her cakes were not decorated, the Washington state baker was eliminated.

The Final Round

The final two contestants were challenged to create 1,000 cupcakes along with a display for the Queen’s Jubilee event. To complete this project, each contestant was given added assistants and a carpenter to build the display.

First off, both drew their display designs and gave them to the carpenters. Next, they worked to improve on any suggestions the judges had given them on their cakes. Lastly, they’d bake the cakes and make their decorations. Meanwhile, the carpenters worked on the displays. While baking however, the Colorado baker faced trouble when her compote burned on the stove.

When the displays were brought in, both contestants were excited. The contestant from the states created a display featuring a tea setting. There was a teapot on top which included dry ice (making it look like steam from tea). The other contestant created an oversized tea stand with a crown on top and diamonds throughout.

This was a really tough Cupcake Wars from start to finish. Consequently, it was hard to guess who might win. When the judges deliberated, they still did not like the English baker’s scone cupcake. They also hated that the crown on top of his display was too small. They thought the other contestant had wonderful cupcakes. Her display they thought however was too tall and dark. In the end, the Colorado baker with loads of experience was crowned the winner.

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