‘Cupcake Wars': ‘Kristin Cavallari’s Baby Shower’ Recap

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Four talented cupcake bakers faced-off on tonight’s Cupcake Wars. In addition to a $10,000 prize, the winner would serve their treats at a shower celebrating the arrival of a new baby for reality TV star Kristin Cavallari.

The Contestants

Competing tonight was an online baker and trained illustrator from New Jersey, a pastry chef from Massachusetts, a bakery shop owner from Chester, New Jersey, and a baker from California who specialized in tropical flavors. Each baker brought an assistant with them to help in the challenge.

Round 1

In round 1, contestants were challenged to create tasty cupcakes from baby foods like peas, toasted cereal, corn, peaches and yogurt. The contestants were required to use three of the ingredients which was a feat. Nonetheless, each of the contestants seemed pretty sure about what direction they’d go in. Three of the contestants chose to make banana yogurt cupcakes, and two of those contestants also incorporated toasted cereal in their cakes. The fourth contestant would create a sweet corn cake.

Early on, the New Jersey baker had problems when he put bananas directly in his batter. The taste was horrible and with just a little over 20 minutes remaining, he had to mix it all over again. The California baker could not get her frosting right. This caused problems with her time and in the end, she failed to put the cereal mix on top of the cake (one of her mandatory ingredients). When facing the judges, the New Jersey contestant was praised by Florian, but criticized by Candace for having too strong of a peanut butter taste (not one of the mandatory ingredients). The Massachusetts competitor was told her cake lacked flavor, and the California baker of course scolded for only having two ingredients in her cake. The Chester, New Jersey contestant was the only contestant that pleased all three judges. Finally, because she’d only used two ingredients, the California baker was eliminated.

Round 2

Round 2 challenged the remaining three bakers to create three cupcakes that would be ideal for Kristin’s baby shower. Contestants would be judged 50% on taste, and 50% on decorations. Again, the New Jersey artist and baker had trouble with his batter. Still, he was confident his presentation would win the judges over. With just one minute remaining, they were all scrambling to get their plates done. To her disappointment, the Massachusetts baker failed again when she was unable to get all of her decorations done in time.

When facing the judges, the New Jersey contestant received rave reviews for his decorations, but did not impress with his cake’s taste and texture. Next, the Massachusetts baker would have to face the judges. She was told her cakes were tasty, but the decorations just too simple. Also, Candace did not like the basil in her chocolate cake. Lastly, the Chester, New Jersey baker was judged. She of course had really impressed the previous round. This round she again pleased the judges with both her cakes and decorations. She’d put a little onesie on one cake, spelled “baby” on another, and placed a baby bottle atop another. Although he’d been really confident about his work, the New Jersey baker and artist was eliminated after this round.

The Final Round

In the final or master round, the remaining two contestants would have to bake 1,000 cupcakes and create a cupcake display to be featured at the shower. To assist with the challenge, each were assigned a carpenter and added assistants. When baking the cupcakes, the Massachusetts baker ran into problems with one of her toppings, but when changing the recipe, did well. Lastly, the displays were brought in and the cupcakes placed on them. Each display was quite different. The Massachusetts baker designed a display that looked a little like furniture for a baby room, and it was made of natural woods. The other contestant created shelves adorned with wrapped gifts, teddy bears and a colorful umbrella featured at the top of the display.

Although the Massachusetts baker competed well, it was no surprise when the Chester, New Jersey competitor was declared the winner of tonight’s Cupcake Wars.

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