‘Cupcake Wars’ – Pastry Shoes Competition Recap

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Tonight’s guest judges were Vanessa and Angela Simmons, owners of Pastry Shoes and reality stars of the MTV series Run’s House. The Simmons ladies came to Cupcake Wars looking for a baker to feature at their shoe launch party.

In round 1, the cupcake warriors were asked to bake cupcakes inspired by traditional pastry items such as baklava, elephant ears, apple strudel and an almond torte. Taste was of the utmost importance in this round; however, some bakers failed to give the judges a tasty cake. The judges criticized bakers concerning texture (that is cakes that were too dense or dry), and a vegan baker was accused of having a cake that was just too “artificial” in taste. After judging, a baker with a texture problem was sent home.

Round 2 gave the three remaining bakers an opportunity to be judged on both taste and presentation. With the Simmons girls in mind, lots of girly and sweet things were incorporated in the batters and cake decor. This included pink champagne, rose-water, strawberries and cherries in the ingredients, and sparkly roses, lips, pearls, stars, and lots of pink and glitter as part of the decorations. Two bakers really struggled in this round, with both having to discard their batters and start again. Unfortunately, the vegan baker failed miserably in taste and was eliminated.

The final round challenged bakers to bake 1,000 cupcakes and design a display that represented the Pastry Shoe business. The remaining competitors were really inspired by the shoes and created unique displays that were colorful and innovative. On the displays shoes were used as table legs, zebra prints and tulle as skirts, and the logo exhibited very boldly in bright colors. Although both displays received high marks, the display that used Pastry shoes as table legs was the winner.

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