‘Cupcake Wars': ‘Star Wars’ Recap

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Tonight’s Cupcake Wars brought together four talented bakers to compete for a chance to cater a Star Wars event. Competing tonight was a mother-daughter team from Arizona, online bakers from both New Jersey and California, and a storefront baker from Utah.

Round 1

In round 1, the bakers were asked to create a cupcake representing the battle between good and evil. To do this, they would incorporate ingredients from the light side (like marshmallow, coconut and onion) and the dark side (like caviar, licorice or black pepper). The Arizona baker failed miserably this round when her batter would not rise. She also was unable to get icing on all of her cupcakes. Another baker made a good cake but was told the cinnamon overpowered and distracted from the featured ingredients including the black pepper. Candace, however, really enjoyed the cake. The California baker chose to use black truffles and the judges were somewhat pleased. They, however, disliked the basil in the recipe. Lastly, the New Jersey baker was told she made a really ambitious cupcake. She’d included many ingredients in her recipe such as coconut, black pepper, onion and blackberries. Although each contestant failed in some way, the mother-daughter team would be sent home this round.

Round 2

The second challenge would test the contestants on both taste and presentation. Competitors were asked to create cakes that represented the characters in the entire Star Wars saga. With little time remaining in the round, the New Jersey baker had to put her cakes back in the oven because they were raw in the center. Nonetheless, she left them in too long and they became hard and over baked. Also with just two minutes remaining, she realized she had no peanut butter frosting. In the end because of all the problems, she had to present a plate with a cupcake with absolutely no frosting on it. Thus she was sure she would go home this round. The California baker also made mistakes this round. She put the wrong frosting on the wrong cakes and also missed getting all of her decorations on the cakes. There were a couple of stars however this round. This included a maple peanut butter cake and a banana, peanut butter chocolate cake. After judging, the online baker from New Jersey was sent home.

The Final Round

The final round would challenge bakers to create 1,000 cupcakes along with a display to be featured at the Star Wars event. To help complete the task, each contestant was given a carpenter and added assistants. Early on, each contestant made plans to improve on their cupcake creations and decorations. Mid-round, the California baker discovered her vanilla-chocolate cakes had sunken in. With so many cakes to bake, there was just no time to correct the problem.

Each contestant opted to build a spaceship for their display. The Utah baker chose to create a ship with lots of lighting and the Star Wars name front and center, while the California baker recreated the Millennium Falcon spacecraft, lit it up underneath and made it appear as though it was flying. After judging, the winner of tonight’s Cupcake Wars was the Utah baker.

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