‘Cupcake Wars’ – The Professional Bull Riders Awards Recap

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In tonight’s episode, four talented cupcake makers competed to display and serve their goodies at the Professional Bull Riders Association’s Awards ceremony in Las Vegas. Joining the judges table was Luke Snyder, a professional and well-respected bull rider from Missouri.

During the first round of Cupcake Wars, the bakers faced real challenges being required to use favorite cowboy eats such as bacon, onion, mutton, jalapeño peppers, baked beans and cheddar cheese in their cakes. Most competitors sought to incorporate a few of these ingredients in a cornbread type cupcake; however, one contestant created a baked bean cupcake, and another a cheddar cheese pound cake—really thinking out of the box.

In round 2, competitors were asked to create three rustic cupcakes worthy of being seen and tasted at the Bull Riders Awards Ceremony. After brainstorming, the bakers came up with some really creative ideas such as blackberry cobbler, coffee, maple bacon, chocolate whiskey and hard lemonade cupcakes. This round the bakers also sought to impress the judges with cowboy inspired decorations such as cowboy hats, stars, ropes and a chocolate boot. Nevertheless, under the pressure some bakers fell apart—compote was dropped, ingredients overcooked, filling left out and frosting mixed up (or put on the wrong cupcakes).

Finally, the last two contestants faced the greatest challenge in baking 1,000 cupcakes and creating a display for the event. The bakers asked the carpenters to create big, standout displays with rope, stars and the Professional Bull Riders Association logo. Meanwhile, the bakers also worked hard to correct errors in their batter, frosting and decorations from rounds 1 and 2. In the end, however, the display is what decided the winner. Although both were impressive, one was slightly more artistic and memorable.

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