‘Cupcake Wars': Tony Hawk’s Skateboard Fundraising Event Recap

On tonight’s Cupcake Wars, four cupcake bakers faced-off for a $10,000 prize and a chance to display and serve their creations at an event to raise money for a skateboard park. The event was held in Las Vegas and hosted by professional skateboarder Tony Hawk.

Tonight’s contestants were very different in backgrounds and areas of expertise. First, there was an online delivery cupcake baker out of Dayton, OH. This contestant specialized in gourmet cupcakes and opted to bring her mom to assist her in the war. Should she win the $10,000 prize, she hoped to open a storefront or buy a new delivery truck. Facing off against her was a California baker who had a storefront that celebrated everything about the 1950s. The third contestant was also from California. She was an all vegan, organic and sugar-free cupcake baker who had been on Cupcake Wars previously. She also brought her mother to help out as her assistant. Lastly, there was a male competitor from Texas who had been in the cupcake business for just two years. He was self-taught but brought a professionally trained assistant to help him in the kitchen.

In round 1, the competitors were challenged to create a cupcake using items that represented California’s healthy culture. Some options included avocados, sunflower seeds and alfalfa sprouts. As usual, competitors faced many challenges in this round. After her cupcakes were already in the oven, the returning competitor and vegan cupcake baker realized she had forgotten to put carrots in her carrot cake cupcakes. In the end she opted to make the cupcake a spice cake, but when presented to the judges, the cupcake failed because the many ingredients used from the table could not be tasted. The Texas baker also faced problems with the judges because of poor texture and the use of artificial food coloring. Consequently, the judges found his errors unforgiving and he was eliminated. There was however a star in this round. This was a carob cake with a sunflower butter frosting.

Round 2 tested contestants on both their baking and decorating skills. Each was required to create three cupcakes reflecting California and decorated in celebration of the skateboarding event. The baker from Dayton was the star of the earlier round and felt extra pressure to impress the judges. There were many errors and mistakes in this round as well. The returning competitor made an icing that was not right in consistency. With very little time remaining, she chose to use a whipped topping and meringue as a frosting. Surprisingly, her fresh blueberry cupcake was the star of this round and no complaints were made about the frosting. There were also many successes in decorations this round. This included a cupcake riding a skateboard, a flaming wheel and a cupcake sporting the Tony Hawk logo. The star of the last round did not impress the judges as much as she’d hoped. Nonetheless, she and the returning competitor remained to challenge each other in the final round.

The final round required the competitors to create 1,000 cupcakes along with a display to hold the cupcakes at the Tony Hawk Skateboard event. To get the job done, each contestant was given a carpenter and four baking assistants. With just one hour remaining, one competitor discovered her apple cupcakes were not rising. Thus, she had to make a new batter and get the cupcakes back in the oven as soon as possible. When the displays rolled in, both contestants were really pleased with the carpenter’s work. One display featured a silhouette of a skateboarder at the top and low shelves for the kids (this was the returning competitor). The other display however was quite tall and incorporated a skater between two ramps, graffiti and flashing lights. The returning competitor was in tears when she was announced as the winner and presented the $10,000.

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