Curling Game Scoring – A Quick and Easy Curling Guide [VIDEO]

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Curling is quick becoming the hottest game of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Curling has been in the Olympics since 1932, but it didn’t become an official Olympic sport until 1998.

Curling has both women’s and men’s event. Each event begins with 10 teams of four people. Each individual game of the curling competition begins with two teams competing on the ice.

The Olympic curling teams push 19.1kg stones whileaiming for rings. Curling’s object is for the stones to get as close to the middle as possible. Every member of a curling team throws or slides 2 stones at each of the 10 ends that make up the game. The curling part of a curling event is that after one team member slides the stone, two other members of each team sweep the ice trying to direct where and how fast the stone goes. The team with the most stones near center wins the curling match.  

Now that you understand curling game scoring better, have a wonderful time cheering your favorite Olympic team to curling victory. See the video below for more information on curling game scoring.


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