Curling Skin Exposed – 2010 Fire On Ice Olympian Women’s Curling Calendar (with links)

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Curling’s women have chosen to take it off for fundraiser they say with all curling athlete/models receiving proceeds from every sale.

In the 2010 Fire On Ice Olympian Women’s Curling Calendar, they posed provocatively and some are the same girls who have participated in this years Winter Olympics. Pictures of 13 near-nude curlers grace the calendar, including  models from Italy, Scotland, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Latvia and Canada. 

Madeleine Dupont is the highest profile curler to model this year. She won a silver medal for Denmark at the 2007 world championships and added a bronze medal at the 2009 event. Dupont, is Miss January, and plays for Angelina Jensen’s team.

Shelley Nicholls, a two-time champion with Heather Strong, is in the calendar representing the host St. John’s curling club.

Photographer Ana Arce (of Spain, the woman who spearheaded the calendar, is herself a competitive curler


For pictures and more info, go here!

The calendar retails for $39.95 available here



Story about Curling Condoms too, called Hurry Hard!



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