Current Gather Writing Essential Group Prompts – UPDATED Wednesday April 10, 2013

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 I know that Gather is hard to keep up with these days.  The pages load slowly and that can create problems when you really want to do some writing or reading.  I have done the research for you and posted the updated prompts from Gather Writing Essential Group, all right here.  Each link will open in a new window so you should be able to pull all prompts up easily.  Just be patient while they load. 

Keep writing and reading.  This group is the place to share and learn along with others who love to write and read.  Enjoy!

Don’t forget to recommend the posts you enjoy so others will find them easily. 

Commenting is always a great way to interact with members of the group. The more intense your comment is, the greater the chances of more in depth the conversation will get.  Have fun and chat away!



Monday Prompt

 Over the years, I have written a lot of columns for Gather Writing Essentials. I have written about my struggles with writing, about the hut I built in my woods, even about cleaning the cat box. . . .

 Tuesday Prompt


The Tuesday Gather Writing Essential Editor does not post prompts.


April 09, 2013 10:21 PM EDT (shared with group: April 09, 2013) — Patrick M., has been kind and is helping me out a bit while I’m working on your anthology. He suggested a challenge that I love. Frankly, it’s possible that he had an ultraterior motive. He knows that . . . more


 About a year ago I was given the privilege to be one of the editors for Writing Essential. It was and is now more than ever among the greatest honors and privileges of my life. I wasn’t sure back in . . .


 I can’t even begin to update on everything that happens between my prompts… We’ve made offers on all sorts of houses, have dropped and raised the offers on places, and the only house . . .



 You should be so glad I wasn’t the editor on April 1. I would have had so much fun; but I wasn’t so I’ll have to settle for following the normal schedule and have you write about . . .


 G reetings and Somnabulations, Gatha Sistas! It’s Poetry Week! Each week SunWinks! alternates between a topic on prose style and one on poetic technique.  Except when . . .



The following are just a few of the posts that were submitted to prompts in the Gather Writing Essential Group.

A DREAM OF SAILS (WWE, Wednesday Writing Essentials Challenge, 4/3/13, Dreams or Wants) by Joann B.

Frozen pen on a darkened rage, for Saturday Writing Essentials by Sheila Deeth

She stands on the balcony (Monday Writing Essential: April 1st, 2013) by Angela A.

MWE…SPRING CLEANING…04.02.2013….Barbara H…. by Barbara H.

Dreaming: WWE, 4/3/13, Dreams or Wants by Sheila Deeth

(Combined Monday Writing Essential – Spring, and Saturday Writing Essential – Freestyle) Rants from a Grumpy Old Bastard by Patrick M.


A Dream Come True – A Monchielle for MP2013, Day 3 and WWE, 4/3/13, Dreams or Wants by Irina Dimitric

Mary Fairy, MWE, Monday Writing Essentials, Spring by Pam Brittain

What I dream for and want the most (WWE: 4/3/13: Dreams or Wants) by Angela A.

Road Trip! (Road Trip 4/4/2013) by Len Maxwell

Haven (WWE: 4/3/13: Dreams or Wants) by dianne j.


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