‘Cursing Baby Doll’ a Good Black Friday 2011 Christmas Gift? (Video)

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The cursing baby doll at Toys R Us is upsetting parents. Ahead of Black Friday 2011, the You and Me Interactive Triplets may sound like a good Christmas gift. But to others, the language is offensive. Is it just baby babble?

They are cute, cuddly, and look like the perfect stocking-stuffer for your little one. And get this: The toys talk. What can be better than that?

One concerned parent says the if you listen closely, the dolls use foul language and says “Hey Crazey Bitch,” according to Click Orlando. “Oh, absolutely. She’s calling them a crazy bitch,” said Kathy Wetter, a concerned parent about the cursing baby doll.

“The doll appears to be cursing. Not only the subliminal part of it but the repetitive part of my two year old, because she repeats everything, so I certainly don’t need a doll teaching her bad language,” said a mother of two on the doll cursing controversy.

Black Friday is known as the time when retailers log its largest sales for the year. But does that mean hearing the sound of cha-ching by any means necessary? Well there’s two sides to every story.

Despite being under fire for selling the You and Me Interactive Triplets, a rep from Toys R Us says, “It’s mere baby babble.” And while scores of consumers are leaving complaints on the retailer’s website, it only says if the so-called cursing baby doll is found to be offensive, returns with a receipt will be honored.

Did you have the dolls on your list of things to buy for Black Friday 2011? Check out the video after the jump.


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