Cursive Handwriting: Dying Art in Georgia Schools

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Students learning to use cursive handwriting may be a lost art in Georgia schools. All of those years of learning to write in cursive, that has been passed from generation to generation, may be completely out the door in the new Georgia curriculum standards.

Why the change away from cursive handwriting?

According to a report out of the Athens Banner Herald, cursive is nowhere to be found in the new curriculum standards that are required of Georgia teachers beginning next school year. Teachers are spending less and less time teaching handwriting in the classroom, as students become more proficient in things such as typing on a computer and text messaging.

Does moving away from cursive handwriting help anyone?

The children may be the biggest losers in all of this. At what point will children not be able to pick up a pen and paper and actually be able to write down their thoughts, sign a birthday card, or scrawl their own names. Clearly there is now more of a premium on typing, speed, efficiency, and technology rather than taking the time to develop handwriting.

Perhaps leaving cursive out of the curriculum standards is one way for the Georgia Department of Education to leave less on teachers’ plates. It may help teachers spend more time with subject matter that may help children as they move into the future. Leaving cursive behind may be one of the GDoEÂ’s ways to help make sure that no child is left behind.


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