Curves Gym: Why Are They Closing Fitness Clubs?

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Curves Gym, which once was amongst the world’s fastest growing franchises due to its 30-minute weight loss workout for women, is now on the downtrend and closing fitness clubs. 

Over the past three years, one third of the chain has been closed. Curves currently has 5,208 franchises open in the United States, where it once had 7,748 sites in 2007. 

What is the cause for the dramatic degrease in success of curves gyms and ultimately closure of over 1,000 sites in 2009? Basically, the gym fails to keep up with changing trends. The once successful model that attracted women to the gyms to lose weight does not provide more flexible hours for the now busy working woman or competitive rates in a tough economy.

Nowadays, women are working more often and more hours, and many do not have time for both a full time career and then consistent workouts crammed in after work within business hours. Many athletes spend early mornings before work or get workouts in at their local neighborhood, apartment, home gym or outdoors where hours are much more flexible and convenience is irreplaceable. Normally, I fit in workouts at home in between other activities such as taking the dog out, making dinner, or spending time with friends and family. I can simply go to the 24 hour gym available in my community, workout in my home or run right out the front door to the local park. Why would I pay more to drive to a Curves gym location and spend less time working out and more time organizing the time to make a trip to the gym and using time to get to the gym?

More information regarding Curves gym closings is available on Yahoo including the article from the Wall Street Journal entitled Curves Loses Stamina, Closing Fitness Clubs.

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