Custody of Grandson Awarded to Dog the Bounty Hunter After Abuse Audio

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Dog the Bounty Hunter, aka Duane Chapman, now has custody of his 9-year-old grandson after a judge decided an audio recording of abuse was enough evidence of abuse to remove the child from his father. The boy, named Travis, is the son of the bounty hunter’s daughter Barbara-Katie Chapman, who passed away in 2006.File:Dog-Chapman (cropped).jpg It’s hoped that the child will be safe with his grandfather, and will recover from all the effects of his abuse.

RadarOnline has the audio recording of the abuse and details the events heard therein. The recording clearly depicts a man cursing, smacking a child repeatedly, and the child crying and begging his daddy to stop. It goes on beyond that, but the sounds are very troubling to listen to. The sounds are allegedly Travis Timms Senior beating his son. Many readers at that site are asking for the audio to be removed, so it may not remain there for long.

Dog claims he doesn’t want to keep his grandson from his father. He wants the father to take parenting classes and learn how to parent without abusing the child. Unfortunately, many abusers can never be reformed, and young Travis could be in deadly danger if ever returned to his father. The elder Travis deserves to be in jail and suffer abuse at the hands of larger inmates if he thinks it’s okay to beat his own child.

Although it would be nice to believe that the boy’s father could be reformed, it’s unlikely and isn’t in the best interests of the child to risk a return to the custody of his natural father. Dog would be better off raising the boy and only allowing supervised visits to prevent more damage to the boy, who is likely to need serious help and therapy getting over his abuse. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if his grandfather enrolled him in self-defense classes, not only to protect himself, but to encourage his self-confidence.

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