Cute Cat Is a Ping Pong Champ (Video)

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A cute cat video to end all videos was posted to YouTube showing kitty playing ping pong with her human. And, apparently, holding its own.

The amazing video shows a woman playing ping pong with her pet. She has the table blocked against a corner, but kitty doesn’t really need any advantage. It’s done just to cut down on chasing a dozen errant ping pong balls.

This cute cat (no names given) holds its own against the woman, even if it’s not all that familiar with the rules.

Barely missing a serve (meaning not always returning it fair), this kitty would make any table tennis team proud. Most of the more than dozen shots are returned in bounds and, amazingly, the ping ponging feline even scores a valid point against the clearly delighted opponent.

Another pal joins in at the end, but doesn’t have the skills (or the enthusiasm) to compete at such a high level of athletic prowess. But, everybody seems to be having (excuse the pun) a ball. So don’t be surprised if this becomes an Olympic sport someday.

Hmm, what else can this wondercat do?

Hey! How about a game of badkitten?


Here’s the video:

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