CVS and Obama Care bully Americans!

CVS is planning on forcing their employees to reveal their private medical conditions or be fined. Serioulsy? I wouldn’t shop there now if they were giving the stuff away. Someone needs to tell CVS that they do business in a free country. They have lost my business.

According to Fox News,”Looks like ObamaCare may be rearing its head. In the wake of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, CVS is telling its employees they need to reveal their height, weight, body fat percent and other personal information for health insurance purposes.”

I was going to CVS today, but I plan on writing them and telling them to stay out of our personal affairs, and our health is a our affair. I don’t work for CVS, but i do shop there, but no more. I plan on writing CVS and sending them a copy of this article, so give it to them good.

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