Cyber Bullying and Mean Tweets Turn to Threats

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The cyber bullying and mean tweeting issues on the Real Housewives of New York have blown out of control in the past week, as the cast members are vocal on blogs, social media sites and on the episodes about what actually happened between Simon van Kempen and Jill Zarin.

While some claim that Simon tweeted mean things about Jill and provided content to a hate-blog aimed at Zarin, others claim that Jill is throwing punches at Simon just to shine in the victim spotlight in order to get attention on the show. This case is a matter of he said / she said.

Although there have been no mean tweets from any of the cast mates since the show aired on Thursday, there has been threats made based on the tweets – some of which were caught on tape. According to Jill Zarin, Simon van Kempen told her to watch out but the statement may have been out of context. True Zarin style she told all of her friends and made Simon look like a bully.

In addition, Kelly Bensimon, who was originally one of the cast members being defended in the mean tweets situation, threatened Alex McCord and told her to watch out for her husband’s bullying ways. When her concerns about Simon being a bully were down by Alex, Kelly took matters into her own hands and told Alex flat-out that she would be iced out from the entire cast.

So – Alex and Simon are accused of bullying and threatening the infamous Jill Zarin, while Zarin’s posse of Bensimon and LuAnn de Lesseps are threatening the couple to get real, stay out of trouble and leave the threesome alone. Is anyone else confused about these mean tweets? Just when you thought it was over, threats are thrown around making cyber bullying look like a petty incident.

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