Cyber Monday Deals 2012: Kindle Fire on Sale at Amazon

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With the Cyber Monday deals for 2012 having started as early as Sunday, some of the biggest and best deals may still be on the way. On Monday, Amazon is offering its original Kindle Fire tablet device at a reduced price for those who want to get one. Will customers opt for the non-HD tablet over the $199 new version?

The Kindle Fire at Amazon is just $129 today only, slashed down from a normal price of $159. Some may have been viewing the eReader/tablet for a while and maybe wanted one for their kids. Now it seems like a no brainer to pick up the device at a reduced cost. The original tablet from Amazon doesn’t have the fancy display like the newer ones, but for just over $100 it makes a smart gift for many people out there.

Amazon has been holding steady on the prices for its newer tablets, which in all reality start at just $70 more than that original Kindle Fire’s price today. So for that small additional price, customers can enjoy HD for their viewing experience on a super-slick display screen. Otherwise, it’s opt for today’s lower-priced LCD version, which in the cases of younger kids, probably won’t matter a whole lot. Either way, is going to sell plenty of these devices whether they’re HD or not, so it will be big business for the company this holiday season.

Do you own the original or new Kindle Fire devices? Do you think Amazon’s $129 Kindle Fire deal is a good one, or do you prefer the newer tablets?

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