Daddy, all I wanted from you, is to be your little girl

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Daddy, whatever did I do that you

could not love me, like I wanted you to do.

I wished and prayed for one of your hugs

like the ones you gave to your other



Daddy, I am sorry you hated me so much,

I loved to to have felt your tender touch. I

tried to be the good little girl, you

wanted me to be, tried so hard to

work to make you proud of me.


But all I did was made you sad, made

you mad. Whatever did I do daddy that made

you hate me so much…call me names

for I always took the blame. I am

sorry, I made you feel ashamed of me

or you could not see… how much

I love thee.


Daddy, you left behind in my mind,

so many unanswered questions, when you

had to go away. Even yet, still beyond

the grave; I am still trying to be brave.

Still trying to get your approval, work hard

to have you to be proud of me.


See daddy, your other girls, your

other daughters, treats me just

like you did, just wanted to let

you know, I don’t let the hurt

show. You always told me that

little girls aren’t suppose to cry

 told me to be strong, never show nobody

my weakness or trust a friend,

or even men.


I talked to momma yesterday, the visit

did not go well, she remembers all her

children except me, but yet daddy, I remember

what you use to say, be strong my child,

don’t let anybody see you cry for it

 will show your weakness so be strong

and just move along.

Again, I did what you instill in my mind,

and started to sing your favorite song.



I do what you say still beyond the grave

to be strong and brave. Daddy, if I may

I just wanted you to know; I still love you today.


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