Daily Freewrite: 9/16/09 : When your personality is so big, that there is no room for the other Guests.

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When your personality is so big, that there is no room for the other Guests.

This weekend, my sister had a party of family and friends to her new home in California.  She invited a new single male that is the cousin of one of my uncles new girlfriend.  He came into the house and his personality was so big, that there wasn’t room for any of the other guests.  I tend to shy away from huge personalities. I honestly do not think that there is a layer of “deep” within them.  I watched and heard him (who could not but hear him) work the room.  It was then that I noticed that he was a chameleon.  He changed and had something in common with every person that he talked to.  But with further investigation, additonal questions, he wasn’t whom he portrayed to be. He was talking to my brother in law about riding their bikes together. What an avid biker he is. blah blah blah.. I asked what kind of bike did he have.  He never answered. I know that people that own bikes are proud of their bikes, especially Harleys and BMW’s.  I asked him if he came by bike, and then another klugie answer about not having ridden in a long time…HMMMM????    I found this amazing and interesting in a “turn off” kind of way.  He was a poser,  not authentic in any way.  


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My sister who invited him didn’t see this, she was too busy.  She thought he was friendly and nice. My oldest sister, caught on immediately too.  I questioned myself after the party, am I too judgemental and not open and accepting?  What makes someone have so much personality that it becomes negative chi? 


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