Daily Freewrite: 9/4/09 : I bow to the man that can cook

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Daily freewrite/ Friday Freewrite: 9/4/09  disclaimer: spelling and grammatical errors have not been corrected.

I bow to the Man that can cook

When we were first married, we both worke full time and split all of our chores.  Maybe because there was only two of us that I didn’t notice tht my husband couldn’t cook.  After having children, he chose friday’s and sundays as the day that he would cook.  when it comes down to it, he manages to cook us a meal about four times a year.  It’s not that he can’t cook, Its that he finds using a phone or taking us out, so much easier.   when the children were little, he would order out from our local Pizzaria and then on Sundays, we would go out to eat or eat at my sisters. we do a great deal of round robin family style meals.   

The thing about his cooking, he actually envisions a delicious meal in his mind.  I learned early on not to criticize his cooking as it will end up on my to-do list.  infact, I always eat some of it, usually for some reason I am not so hungry.  His favorite recipe is chicken parmesan. He takes frozen chicken, boils it, puts jarred sauce on it with cheese, broils it and thinks that it will be edible (frozen chicken boiled turns out very dry and petrified). He also boils green beans and he makes a salad.   my kids literally have fear in their eyes, when he happily announces that he is making chicken parmesan.  I will continue to praise him as I have learned that I treasure” his days” to cook.  

Does your husband or spouse cook?  I bow to the man that..


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