Daily Freewrite: 9/9/09 : Is there glee in Glee? (Cocktail Time Raffle Conversation)

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Is there glee in Glee? (Cocktail Time Raffle Conversation)

I have been curious about this show “Glee” that is premiering tonight.  Not so much about the type of show that it is, but about the fact that many people have personally told me that I should watch it.  A feel good show they call it.  It’s not that they know anything about my singing capabilities.  Infact, I was in the chorus during high school and I did sing in the choir at church when I was younger.  But at some point, my voice did change and I was no longer a true soprano… More like a forced soprano with squeaks if you know what I mean.  I personally didn’t want to make the change and stand on the other side of the stage with some of the boys.  I didn’t want to always sing the second verse instead of the first.   So, my aspirations, what ever that might have been disappeared with the incoming low cheerleading voice.

Now, it’s not that I don’t sing.  Infact, what prompted me to write this was I was heading on the highway with my son, singing my head off.   I didn’t care whether I was in tune, or couldn’t hit the high notes, all I know is that I was rocking it in my own mind.  For some reason, I can’t carry a tune anymore!  How did that happen?  Is it because you need continual practice to keep your voice in pitch? What ever it is, I will continue to star in my own concert while I’m in the car, or cooking dinner or in the shower, where the fans in my mind will give me a standing ovation and want to hear more.

Oops, I digress, I will look forward to see why the premier of Glee creates a glee frenzy. Please join me  :)


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