Daily Mail Prints a Hit Job on Kate Moss

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The Daily Mail published a special gift for Kate Moss today: a disgusting full page (and then some) rundown of her diminishing good looks.

The cruel article is a perfect example of why this cheap British tabloid is better known as the Daily Fail. The set of photos they published documents the toll that drugs and alcohol have taken on the model, but the piece also served to essentially make fun of her age.

http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2011/06/03/article-1393763-0C5B0C7C00000578-283_306x375.jpgThe digs at Kate Moss are typical of a publication that makes its money by publishing trashy articles about celebrities, usually deriding them for their looks. The piece on Ms. Moss is no exception. The Daily Mail starts by showing the lovely model in her early years, when she was only 17 and had perfect skin. Fast forward twenty years and it’s no wonder she looks somewhat different–because she’s twenty years older!

The editorial tone is one of caring and sadness–“oh look what all that smoking has done to her beautiful face” and “we wish she would take better care of herself”–but it’s clear that the only intent the Daily Mail had was one of malice. There was no reason on earth for them to devote pages of their publication to printing unflattering pictures of Kate Moss. This was just another example of the Daily Mail taunting a woman who doesn’t live up to their ridiculous expectations of beauty and perfection.

Shame on the Daily Mail.

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