Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen Talk Nude Scenes in ‘Very Good Girls’

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Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen star in a movie that’s about two girls’ quest to have sex, so of course the flick had to feature a few nude scenes.

However, while the premise of Very Good Girls certainly isn’t prudish, the actresses in it weren’t crazy about the idea of flashing a lot of flesh.

According to Vulture, there’s a scene in the movie that shows Dakota and Elizabeth streaking down a beach. Dakota was asked if the nude butt featured in that scene was really hers, and she responded by saying, “It’s, like, complicated. It’s kind of mine.”

So how can the butt in question “kind of” belong to Dakota Fanning? According to director Naomi Foner, Dakota and Elizabeth weren’t really nude—they were wearing bathing suits that were painted out using CGI. So Olsen and Fanning’s fannies are fakes.

Elizabeth Olsen has appeared on many lists of favorites for the role of Anastasia Steele in the racy upcoming movie 50 Shades of Grey, which probably has something to do with the actress showing that she wasn’t shy about showing off her body in Martha Marcy May Marlene. Since she’s shot nude scenes before, it’s surprising that Elizabeth didn’t strip down for real in Very Good Girls. But apparently she hates her butt so much that she had someone else’s rear CGIed in place of hers. Here’s what she said about borrowing someone else’s backside:

“It’s a double and then they CGI-ed the stuff in the water. But I think my double has a great a**.”

So maybe the 50 Shades of Grey movie producers should scratch Elizabeth Olsen off of their list—it would take way too much time to use CGI and body doubles for all of the sex scenes that will be in that movie.

Very Good Girls recently premiered at Sundance and is the story of two high school friends who vow to lose their virginity over the summer. Their friendship gets tested when they decide that they want to give it up to the same guy (Boyd Holbrook).

Since Dakota and Elizabeth are shy about their bodies, 50 Shades fans might want to start looking for their ideal Anastasia Steele in different Sundance movies (there are a lot about sex this year). However, they should definitely check out the girls’ costar Boyd Holbrook—he could be the perfect Christian Grey.

So are you surprised that Dakota and Elizabeth decided to fake their nude scenes?

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