Dakota Fanning Is Off to NYU in the Fall

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Little Dakota Fanning isn’t little anymore. How did that happen? After graduating from North Hollywood Private School Campbell Hall last June, she isn’t wasting any time. She’s starting college at NYU this fall.

It is amazing to think of how Fanning has literally grown up in front of the world as a child star. It seems like yesterday she was just a little tot talking up all her movies on talk shows.

Fanning hasn’t seemed to miss out on much in life, thus far. She has starred in movies, become quite famous, gone to a normal high school, been a cheerleader, and was even voted Homecoming Queen. She’s lived the best of both worlds—famous and not famous. That’s got to be hard to juggle.

Now, it’s time for the university life for Dakota. Will she continue to be in movies at the pace she has been keeping, or will her freshmen year prove grueling? Her high school obviously cut her some breaks while she went out and did her movie gigs. Will college be the same?

It is honorable that Dakota Fanning wanted to live a normal teenager’s life. So, even though she was a huge star in the world, she still kept her feet on the ground and tried to keep things as they would be if she wasn’t famous.

“I think it was really important to have the high school experience,” she said on the Today show last fall. “I just think everyone always looks back on that time in their life. Who was homecoming princess and [did] the cheerleading … and all the things that go along with high school? And I wanted to have that. I’m really lucky that I found a school that allows me to do both.”

Good luck in the next chapter of your normal/famous life, Dakota Fanning. College is an adventure.

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