DakotaKoti Dazzles Japan as the ‘Real Life Barbie’ (Video)

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16-year-old Dakota Rose, who goes by the name of KotaKoti in Asia and DakotaKoti in the West, is enthralling her Japanese fans with pictures on her blog showing her remarkable resemblance to a living doll.

Naturally, Barbie comes to mind. But the truth is, Rose’s looks are so impossibly perfect that just about any classic doll face pales in comparison.

The underage supermodel doesn’t have any particular talent, other than dressing up in classic doll outfits and waving hello at the camera.

But that’s just fine for her growing legion of fans all across the world who can’t get enough.

There’s not a lot of biographical information available about DakotaKoti, other than she’s an American high school student and loves to play dress up, take pictures for her blog and post videos to her YouTube account.

But is anything more necessary?

Other than the extraordinary resemblance to a living Barbie doll, Dakota Rose seems to be living a fairly normal life. Except for the world fame and all. So far, her main attraction has been as an outstanding cosplayer. Seems she’s a natural. It’s like a fairy tale come true.

It looks like the Internet has turned up another unique way to get famous with absolutely no talent whatsoever. How long can it last? Barbie herself has been going strong for more than 50 years.

Hopefully this fairy tale will have a happy ending.

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