Dalis Connell Confronts Maci Bookout, Accuses Her Of Wanting Ryan Back

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Even though Teen Mom is over, the drama between Maci Bookout and Dalis Connell is just now heating up!

During the last season, not much was heard from Dalis on the show. In fact, she wasn’t seen a lot and when she was, she rarely said anything. However, one simple word that she spoke on the show had Maci fans attacking the poor girl, leading her to have to block people on Twitter and disable comments on her blog.

The one word that Dalis uttered was “good” and, although it appeared to be aimed at Maci during a fight she was having with Ryan, Dalis said that it was only edited to look that way. Apparently, she had actually been talking to Ryan. Despite that, people haven’t been too forgiving and if the new clip of next weeks reunion special is any indication, Dalis will likely be in for more bashing by Maci’s fans.

The clip shows Ryan Edwards sitting on a couch between Maci and Dalis. It’s obvious that Ryan doesn’t want to deal with the inevitable drama and he doesn’t say too much while the girls talk (in fact, he gets pretty uncomfortable as things unfold.) Maci accused Ryan of texting her while he and Dalis were fighting and Dalis accuses Maci of wanting Ryan back.

Although it sounds bad, Dalis Connell actually makes a good point. She states that she respects Maci as Bentley’s mother, but that she isn’t okay with Maci having “ex-girlfriend tendencies” like texting Ryan. Dalis also says that Maci badmouthed her to Ryan.

Even though Maci Bookout was dating Kyle King throughout the season of Teen Mom, many people felt that she acted like she wanted Ryan Edwards back. Maci tagged along to the beach with Ryan, Bentley, and Dalis and even had Bentley invite Ryan (and Dalis) to his birthday party that Maci and Kyle were throwing. Little things like this made some fans think that she may not have been over Ryan.

The reunion special was taped several months ago and, since then, Maci and Kyle have gotten back together. Not only that, but all four of the adults in Bentley’s life say that they now get along. It’s a shame that MTV is airing this footage so late as it will likely pit more people against Dalis Connell, even though she is a sweet girl who obviously has Bentley’s best interest in mind.

Be sure to check out the second part of the reunion special next week and see what else happens with Maci, Kyle, Ryan, and Dalis.

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