Dalis Connell Speaks Out About the ‘Good’ Comment on ‘Teen Mom’

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Dalis Connell has taken a lot of heat after saying “good” following a drawn out arguement between her boyfriend Ryan Edwards and his child’s mother, Maci Bookout. The Teen Mom duo had been arguing about Ryan telling their son Bentley he’d be at his birthday party and then telling Maci he wouldn’t be there.

After Maci said she’d had enough and was going back inside, Dalis said “good.” She’d been sitting quietly for the entire conversation but for some reason found it necessary to add in her two cents as Maci walked away. Now, Dalis is blaming it all on bad editing.

“I was talking to Ryan cause we didn’t want him arguing in the first place But editing is what everyone sees so oh well :)” Dalis tweeted.

Dalis could have been talking to Dalis but it sure didn’t look that way. Dalis said “good” before Ryan had even began to shut the door which was before Maci had a chance to walk away. If she was talking to Ryan, why would she say it so that Maci could hear her?

Regardless of what the truth is, Dalis had to expect that it would be taken as her dissing Maci.

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