Dallas Amber Alert Canceled after Woman Admits to False Report

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A Texas woman is likely to be facing charges after she filed a false police report this morning which resulted in an Amber Alert being issued for a 6-month-old baby girl. The woman, whose name has not been released, filed a report this morning claiming her car was stolen, with her friends baby inside, when she went into a local beauty supply store.

First of all, why would you leave a six-month-old baby in a car?  Further, why would your made up story to the police include leaving a baby in the car? People clearly do not think their bogus stories through prior to telling them.

After the child was discovered, safe and sound, with her mother, police called off the Amber Alert, and began questioning the claims of the woman who filed the report.  According to an article at Dallas News the woman stated she made the story up because her boyfriend had her car and she wanted it found quickly.

Dallas police Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse, stated “After further questioning of this suspect, she told officers that there was no child in fact, that she left the vehicle with her boyfriend and inside the vehicle was a large sum of money that belonged to her,” Jance added,  “She told us this was a kidnapping so that the officers would respond quick and hopefully find the car quick and get her money back.”

So, this woman wanted her car back, and included her friend, her friends baby, and a false police report, and an Amber Alert to get it back “quick”.  This sounds like a whole new level of stupid.


Photo: Dallas News

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