‘Dallas’ Episode 9 Recap: Choosing Between Blood and Oil

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Last night’s Dallas episode was called “Family Business” for a reason. John Ross learns from Elena why Bobby was about to start drilling on Southfork, which causes a 180-degree change in the young man’s perspective. As Tommy keeps threatening Rebecca, Sue Ellen gets her own share of threats for the mistake she made last week while trying to save her son.

But first things first. Harris Ryland drops by Sue Ellen’s campaign headquarters with a little gift, a bottle of Burgundy, something she hadn’t touched in 20 years. A token of appreciation for Sue Ellens “malleability to his needs”. Since everything comes with strings from guys like Ryland, it turns out not only does he want her to launder money from his private businesses, but he’s blackmailing her for bribing his good friend, the medical examiner, to get John Ross out of jail. Sue Ellen would rather return his contribution and get rid of him. But she can’t erase that bribe thing, which could eventually put her in jail.

Now guess who Tommy’s business partner is in his scam against the Ewings? No one other than Cliff’s driver and protégé Frank Ashkani, who wants Christopher’s plans for gas extraction, as Tommy wants twice the amount of money they negotiated.

Meanwhile, John Ross and Elena figure out a way to drill on the Henderson land, Southfork’s neighbouring property, down to under the ranch. In other words, slant drill Southfork. This way Bobby wouldn’t break the promise he made to Miss Ellie. The more they’d pump, the faster they’d pay the loan for the ranch and get Southfork back from the Venezuelans. Bobby agrees to this approach while Christopher doesn’t. A new fight is about to erupt between the two cousins right before Bobby has a seizure and they call 911.

Bobby is diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. His condition worries the entire family, and John Ross is updated by Elena about Bobby’s cancer. When JR returns to Southfork, he isn’t welcomed with open arms by anybody, let alone Ann, the first Ewing woman after Miss Ellie who’s able to stand up to him.

Bobby knows by now his brother very well and isn’t too worried about JR’s homecoming. All he wants is peace within the family. Everything else that happened in the meantime changed John Ross, who always wanted to be like JR, and taught him the decency his father never had and never will. In fact, Sue Ellen was right. JR may be on top again one day, but other than that he will have nothing besides his anger and bitterness.

JR (Larry Hagman) after he’s slapped by Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) – Photo: TNT/Zade Rosenthal

In a heart-to-heart with Ann, Sue Ellen tells her everything about Ryland blackmailing her, and decides to withdraw from the governor race.

Christopher (J. Metcalfe), John Ross (J. Henderson) and Elena (J. Brewster) – Photo: TNT/Zade Rosenthal

Christopher and John Ross, in partnership with Elena, decide to establish “Ewing Energies.” Gas hydrates may be the future plus there are billions to be made with the new oil drilling technology John Ross and Elena have been working on.

Also, JR signs the Southfork deed back to Bobby, and with his usual sarcasm, tells his baby brother: “If you die, I’ll get that back.”

Bobby (Patrick Duffy) with the signed deed in his hand – Photo: TNT/Zade Rosenthal

The episode ends with tons of drama. First, Bobby gets a phone call from his lawyer who found a lead to Marta del Sol’s impersonator. Any proven involvement of JR in the fraud will void the Southfork deal and get Bobby off the hook with the Venezuelans. But then he would have to put his older brother in jail. That’s as much as Bobby can take before he has another seizure and is rushed to the hospital.

On Rebecca’s front, Tommy keeps pressuring her to get Christopher’s access card to the lab. But she decides not to do it. Instead, she goes at the bank to pick up a gun from her safety box. Next Tommy comes to her place where they have a really bad fight, and someone is being shot.

The viewers will have to live with the cliffhangers until next week when they are promised a dramatic Dallas season finale. Tune in on Wednesday, August 8 at 9pm on TNT, to see the Ewings unite while some old secrets are revealed.

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